ADS-B integrated

              - Receive only fitted as standard

              - Optional fully compliant ADS-B

                 in/out transponder with integrated WAAS GPS


Geospace UAV Integration 

We supply complete package solutions to meet 

the requirements of each customer or project


RTK based Flight Control Systems, with Payload

Options: Riegl VUX-1 Lidar, Mini-VUX, VUX-240,

VQ-840G, Sony S6000 Cameras (24mp still and 4k

UHD Video), IR, Hyperspectral and Thermal Imaging

Cameras, 50mp or 100mp RGB Cameras, Stabilisation

Platforms, Gimbals, FPV video relay systems in single

view and real time 3D Stereo Optical view plus data

capture and post processing software to meet the most

demanding GIS customer deliverables and to provide

customised report formats for repeat or continuous scan projects like transmission line monitoring.

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The complete Geospatial Services support Company 

Rail Corridor Mapping 3D Points Cloud Examples

Geospace Professional Powerlines Inspection Drone Package

Powerline Lidar data Extraction 3D Points Cloud Examples

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