SC100 CORS Station

D2 Digital Level

S911 GPS

R2W Plus Total Station

Stonex is a multinational company, based in Italy, designing and manufacturing high precision surveying instruments for different applications: civil engineering, topography, security, transportation and mining.
The company runs operations worldwide (today Stonex branded products are used in more than 80 countries) through a high skilled network of distributors and dealers.
Stonex product range includes:

  Total Stations


  Handheld GIS

  3D Laser Scanners

The complete Geospatial Services support Company

S7 Handheld GPS/GNSS

S911 Plus GPS


S8 Plus GPS

  • Compact 3D scanning station: everything you need is carried in a handy suitcase

  • Solid and lightweight (only 7 kg battery included)

  • Simple and intuitive interface for high productive fieldwork use

  • Working out of the box: ready to work in a few minutes, saving time and money

  • Ideal for medium-range outdoor applications

  • The most efficient and cost effective solution, with excellent price-performance ratio

  • Advanced Wi-Fi capabilities: operate the scanner directly from your smartphone (iOs, Android and Windows Mobile supported)

  • Two integrated real-time digital cameras 5 Mpx each

  • Integrated GNSS measurements with standard GPS surveying equipment

  • Fully encapsulated mirror: fully sealed case effective even in harsh environments

  • Safe and reliable laser pulse: class 1 eye safe, does not deteriorate over time

  • Count on the reliable Stonex worldwide sales network


The software – engineered and  powered  by Gexcel srl, under Stonex requirements - comes from the convergence of two experiences: the academic know-how of University  studies and the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra (Italy). The  software aim is to turn the latest scientific achievements in the Geomatics field into an hi-tech software for wide application areas. Thanks to the high knowledge, the software solutions developed in collaboration with Gexcel are able to satisfy different customer’s requirements, from the construction and infrastructure application, until cultural heritage, architectural and mining / tunneling surveys. Stonex and Gexcel engineers have been working together to take advantage of the qualities of the X300 Stonex laser scanner. The basic software provided is the survey module, which is bundled with the X300. Other plug in are provided for specific functions such as construction and mining.

S4 Rugged GPS

ADL Radio Modem

R6 Total Station

R5 Total Station

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T1000/T1100 Autolevels

SC200 CORS Station 

R1 Plus Total Station

R2 Plus Total Station

R2 PlusL Total Station